About Us

Training Tails came about through a love of dogs and a desire to learn more about them.


We met at Glendee Dog Rescue, where two of Kim’s dogs are from, and

where we are both volunteer walkers.   

We also volunteer at NAWT Watford, where we help train and walk the dogs in rescue.


We both train with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and all our training is positive, reward based.   


Our aim is for you to have fun with your dog and build a lifetime bond.


We look forward to meeting you soon.


Kim & Sally


Learning is ongoing here at TT, and every year we add to our education. 

All teaching is non aversive, force free and reward based, to enable you to work with and build

good and trusting relationships with your dog.

Courses / Workshops /Qualifications

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)

2 day career as a dog trainer / 4 day practice instructor / 2 day assessment

Perfect Puppy / Happy Puppy Instructor / Scentsational Seminar 

Happy Recallers / Happy Loose Leaders

One Day Trick Fandango 

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviour (IMDTB)

Impulse Control / Separation Anxiety / Resource Guarding / Canine Body Language

PTSD and dogs / Dog to Human Aggression

International School of Canine Science

Integrating dogs into the home / Dog to Human Aggression

Teach your Dog to Do That (dog tricks)

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)

Dealing with small dogs / Empowered socialisation for dog aggression, frustration and fear

National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT)

Open Paw Training

This enables us to volunteer at NAWT, and work with their behaviourists, 

to help their dogs find their forever homes

Chirag Patel

Canine Body Language Seminar

3 Day Instructor Course 

Sam Turner 

Proprioception and Plank Workshops for dogs

(gives dog body awareness and helps them use their bodies

well and keep them injury free)

Jane Arden 

Controlling Crazy Canines

UK College of Scent Dogs

Scent Instructor Course