At Training Tails, we believe in scientifically proven, positive, reward based dog training methods that are simple and easy for you and your puppy or dog to follow, either via small group classes or bespoke one to one sessions.

It’s important to us to keep our learning and skills up to date and we still attend numerous workshops and courses with leading canine experts from around the world. We’ll help you learn about your dog’s body language, how they communicate, how to work with them and teach them appropriate behaviour for this modern world in which we live.

We’ll provide you with ongoing support whether you attend our classes or have 121 sessions as we know how difficult it can be at times.

We believe that all dogs, whether they are puppies, older dogs or rescue dogs should have choices and live a happy and stress free life.

We are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and also cover the surrounding towns and villages.



I live in London Colney with my husband, 2 dogs, and 2 teenage daughters.

Skye is a Mastiff cross / American Bulldog is nearly 11 and we got her as a puppy.  My children were very small at the time, and she was a bit crazy to say the least!  I really wanted a well-behaved dog and began my quest to get her trained … the first trainer I ever visited told me to yank her, roll her and throw water at her and told me she would end up in the RSPCA because of how she behaved !!! At this point, I knew I needed help, but there was no way on this earth I was ever going to give up on her. I then went to numerous different trainers some of which were helpful; others really didn’t help at all. I started to research, and do lots of reading and thought I am just going to learn how to do it myself … so my journey began with lots of reading, seminars and qualifying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

In addition to this, I have fostered dogs for rescue centres and volunteered at Glendee Rescue and National Animal Welfare Trust.

I have adopted Kita from The National Animal Welfare Trust, she is now a 3-year old Rottweiler. Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with Hip and Elbow Dysplasia which will limit some of the training we can do.  We do however, really enjoy doing scent work together, and she is turning into a great little sniffer dog.
I love getting children involved in dog training, it is a great way for them to have a fantastic relationship with their four-legged friends.  My girls love getting Skye and Kita to do some tricks.

It is important to me to continue to learn and develop my skills so I give the best possible help to my clients, I have completed way too many courses, read way too many books and watched way too many webinars to list them all but here are some of them:
Qualified with Imdt (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) since Jan 2017
Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer
Therapy Dog UK Approved Trainer / Assessor
Grisha Stewart B.A.T Training (Behaviour Adjustment Therapy)
UK College of Scent Dogs Instructor Course
From the Hound Up 8 week course of Gait and Movement analysis
World Scent Dog Association Scent Instructor
Kim Brophy Licensed Family Dog Mediator in the Kids Division (LFDM-K) 
Level 6 Behaviour Studies with School of Canine Science - ongoing