Behaviour Support


  • Do you need help with a dog that doesn't like visitors?
  • Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs or people when out on a walk? 
  • Does your dog growl at you or other people? 
  • Is your dog scared of going outside?
  • Is your dog scared of noise, travelling in the car, going to the vets, visiting the groomers or anything else?
  • Is your dog toileting in the house still, or do you think your dog has an eating problem?
  • Is your dog barking in the home?
  • Is your dog unhappy when they are left at home, or do you think they may have separation anxiety.

Then our behavioural sessions are for you.

Our behavioural consultation consists of three sessions -  one initial zoom session, followed by two face to face sessions, or continuing with zoom sessions if necessary.

After each session you will receive a detailed follow up and report within 48 hours and six weeks email support from our first visit.