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Choosing a New Puppy

17/05/2023 - Puppies


Such a big decision and really important to get it right, this information will help you make the right choices:

Which Breed ?

What to consider..
How big is your house and garden ?
How much time do you have for training and exercise ?
Can you afford it ?
Does everyone in the family want a dog ?

Costs – what to budget for..

Training Walkers / Kennels

Genetics and What you need to know..

DNA “Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule composed of two polynucleotide chains that coil around each other to form a double helix carrying genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses”
What this means in real terms is that Genes are important.. 10-40% of Genes are fixed – they are inherited from Mum and Dad and can carry visual traits such as eye and coat colour but can also carry behaviours such as aggression and resource guarding. The rest of your puppies personality can be moulded by environment and early experiences. When choosing your puppy ask the breeder why they have chosen the Mum and Dad.. Are they breeding for calmness ? Are they looking for a high drive dog for sports ? Meet the parents and find out if they have the traits your are looking for as there is a strong possibility that these will be passed onto their pups. Also research your chosen breed to find out their origins – again it is highly likely that they traits will still be very strong in the breed today – for example Border Collies are bred for herding and blood hounds are bred to sniff and search. Environment and Early Development is also vital as not all the DNA is fixed.. Check with your breeder what they do to socialise the pup – getting them used to household appliances, car travel and children are all examples of fantastic things that can be introduced early on and will help mould your pup into a happy well adjusted dog.

Which Breeder ?

When you have decided on the perfect breed for you then you need to find one !!
*Join Breed specific Groups *Check The Kennel Club *Ask friends for recommendations *Be prepared for a waiting list *A good breeder should be vetting you as much as you vet them !
Ask Lots of Questions.. *Temperament of the Parents ? Remember genetics are important ! But also check what the breeder does when pups are born ask them about early stimulations and activities they do. *What is the breeder trying to achieve ? If they are breeding for looks or perhaps colour - temperament traits can get left behind ! *Have they carried out all the relevant health checks on the parents ? Lots of health problems are also carried in genes !

Good Luck and get in touch if you need further support 😊