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What to train first ?

05/01/2023 - General

What should I train first ?

This is a question that is often asked or thought about when getting your new puppy or rescue dog.
It can be overwhelming when there are so many different things that we would like our dogs to be good at.
The most important thing to start with is to make sure your dog feels safe, this means they trust you and are happy in their new environment,  therefore in the early days of having your new pup home, just hang out and have fun together, don’t put any pressure on them to do anything.  For some pups or rescues this settling in period and feeling safe can take some time so don’t rush them.
So now your dog loves you, trusts you and wants to hang out with you … what next ?
You decide what is important to you and what your lifestyle needs !
For most people a solid recall is a priority as not only can this give your dog more freedom, it could be lifesaving !!
Then consider what is important to your lifestyle, will you be doing lots of lead walking ? Does your dog need to settle while you do homework with the children ?  This will be different for everyone which is why you need to make your own priorities; you can then focus on those things initially.
You will be able to train lots of things with your dog but don’t get overwhelmed with it, just have fun, enjoy the journey and focus on what is important to you.
If you need support, I offer tailored 121 packages so we can work on those important things together.